Quest Methods

quest::AssignGroupToInstance(uint16 instance_id)
quest::AssignRaidToInstance(uint16 instance_id)
quest::AssignToInstance(uint16 instance_id)
quest::AssignToInstanceByCharID(uint16 instance_id, uint32 char_id)
quest::CheckInstanceByCharID(uint16 instance_id, uint32 char_id)
quest::ChooseRandom(option1, option2, option3, option4, option5...[no limit])
quest::CreateInstance(string zone_name, uint16 version, uint32 duration)
quest::DestroyInstance(int id)
quest::FlagInstanceByGroupLeader(uint32 zone, uint16 version)
quest::FlagInstanceByRaidLeader(uint32 zone, uint16 version)
quest::FlyMode(uint8 mode [0-5])
quest::GetCharactersInInstance(uint16 instance_id)
quest::GetInstanceID(string zone_name, uint16 version)
quest::GetInstanceIDByCharID(string zone_name, uint16 version, uint32 char_id)
quest::GetInstanceTimerByID(uint16 instance_id)
quest::GetSpellResistType(uint32 spell_id)
quest::GetSpellTargetType(uint32 spell_id)
quest::GetZoneID(string zone)
quest::GetZoneLongName(string zone)
quest::IsBeneficialSpell(uint32 spell_id)
quest::IsEffectInSpell(uint32 spell_id, uint32 effect_id)
quest::LearnRecipe(int recipe_id)
quest::MerchantCountItem(uint32 npc_id, uint32 item_id)
quest::MerchantSetItem(uint32 npc_id, uint32 item_id, [uint32 quantity])
quest::ModifyNPCStat(string key, string value)
quest::MovePCInstance(int zone_id, int instance_id, float X, float Y, float Z, [float heading])
quest::RemoveAllFromInstance(uint16 instance_id)
quest::RemoveFromInstance(uint16 instance_id)
quest::RemoveFromInstanceByCharID(uint16 instance_id, uint32 char_id)
quest::SendMail(stirng to, string from, string subject, string message)
quest::SetRunning(bool is_running)
quest::UpdateInstanceTimer(int16 instance_id, uint32 duration)
quest::UpdateSpawnTimer(uint32 spawn2_id, uint32 updated_time_till_repop)
quest::UpdateZoneHeader(string key, string value)
quest::activespeakactivity(int task_id)
quest::activetasksinset(int task_set)
quest::addldonloss(int losses, int theme_id)
quest::addldonpoints(int points, int theme_id)
quest::addldonwin(int wins, int theme_id)
quest::addloot(uint32 item_id, uint16 charges = 0, [bool equip_item = true])
quest::addskill(int skill_id, int value)
quest::assigntask(int task_id, [bool enforce_level_requirement = false])
quest::attack(string client_name)
quest::attacknpc(int npc_entity_id)
quest::attacknpctype(int npc_type_id)
quest::buryplayercorpse(int character_id)
quest::castspell(int spell_id, int target_id)
quest::changedeity(int deity_id)
quest::checktitle(int title_set_id)
quest::clear_npctype_cache(int npc_type_id)
quest::clear_zone_flag(uint32 zone_id)
quest::collectitems(int item_id, [bool remove_item = true])
quest::completedtasksinset(int task_set)
quest::countitem(uint32 item_id)
quest::createBot(string first_name, string last_name, int level, int race_id, int class_id, int gender_id)
quest::createdoor(string model_name, float X, float Y, float Z, float heading, [int object_type = 58], [int size = 100])
quest::creategroundobject(int item_id, float X, float Y, float Z, float heading, [uint32 decay_time-ms = 300000])
quest::creategroundobjectfrommodel(string model_name, float X, float Y, float Z, float heading, [int object_type], [uint32 decay_time-ms = 300000])
quest::createguild(string guild_name, string leader_name)
quest::crosszonemessageplayerbyname(int channel_id, string name, string message)
quest::crosszonesetentityvariablebyclientname(string client_name, string key, string value)
quest::crosszonesetentityvariablebynpctypeid(int npc_type_id, string key, string value)
quest::crosszonesignalclientbycharid(int character_id, int value)
quest::crosszonesignalclientbycharid(int character_id, int value)
quest::crosszonesignalclientbycharid(string name, int value)
quest::crosszonesignalclientbycharid(string name, int value)
quest::crosszonesignalnpcbynpctypeid(uint32 npc_type_id, uint32 value)
quest::debug(string message, [uint8 debug_level = 1 [1-3]])
quest::delete_data(string bucket_key)
quest::delglobal(string key)
quest::depop(int npc_type_id = 0)
quest::depop_withtimer(int npc_type_id = 0)
quest::depopall(int npc_type_id = 0)
quest::depopzone([bool start_spawn_status = false])
quest::disable_spawn2(int spawn2_id)
quest::disablerecipe(int recipe_id)
quest::disabletask(int task_id, 2, 3, [up to 10])
quest::doanim(int animation_id)
quest::echo(int emote_color_id, string message)
quest::emote(string message)
quest::enable_spawn2(int spawn2_id)
quest::enabledtaskcount(int task_set)
quest::enablerecipe(int recipe_id)
quest::enabletask(int task_id, 2, 3, [up to 10])
quest::enabletitle(int title_set_id)
quest::exp(int amount)
quest::faction(int faction_id, int value, [int temp = 0])
quest::failtask(int task_id)
quest::firsttaskinset(int task_set)
quest::follow(int entity_id, [int distance = 10])
quest::forcedoorclose(int door_id, [bool alt_mode = 0])
quest::forcedooropen(int door_id, [int alt_mode=0])
quest::getcharnamebyid(uint32 char_id)
quest::getcharidbyname(string name)
quest::get_data(string bucket_key)
quest::get_data_expires(string bucket_key)
quest::get_rule(string rule_name)
quest::get_spawn_condition(string zone_short, [int instance_id], int condition_id)
quest::getguildnamebyid(uint32 guild_id)
quest::getinventoryslotid(string identifier)
quest::getitemname(uint32 item_id)
quest::getlevel(int type)
quest::getplayerburiedcorpsecount(int character_id)
quest::getplayercorpsecount(uint32 char_id)
quest::getplayercorpsecountbyzoneid(uint32 char_id, uint32 zone_id)
quest::getspellname(uint32 spell_id)
quest::gettaskactivitydonecount(int task_id, int activity_id)
quest::gettaskname(uint32 task_id)
quest::givecash(int copper, int silver, int gold, int platinum)
quest::gmmove(float X, float Y, float Z)
quest::gmsay(string message, [int color_id], [bool send_to_world = 0])
quest::has_zone_flag(uint32 zone_id)
quest::incstat(int stat_id, int value)
quest::isdisctome(int item_id)
quest::isdooropen(int door_id)
quest::istaskappropriate(int task_id)
quest::istaskactive(int task_id)
quest::istaskactivityactive(int task_id, int activity_id)
quest::istaskcompleted(int task_id)
quest::istaskenabled(int task_id)
quest::itemlink(int item_id)
quest::lasttaskinset(int task_set)
quest::level(int new_level)
quest::me(string message)
quest::movegrp(int zone_id, float X, float Y, float Z)
quest::movepc(int zone_id, float X, float Y, float Z [float heading])
quest::moveto(float X, float Y, float Z, [float heading], [bool save_guard_location])
quest::nexttaskinset(int task_set, int task_id)
quest::npcfeature(string feature [race|gender|texture|helm|haircolor|beardcolor|eyecolor1|eyecolor2|hair|face|beard|heritage|tatoo|details|size], int value)
quest::npcgender(int gender_id)
quest::npcrace(int race_id)
quest::npcsize(int size)
quest::npctexture(int texture_id)
quest::pause(int duration-ms)
quest::permaclass(int class_id)
quest::permagender(int gender_id)
quest::permarace(int race_id)
quest::playerfeature(string feature [race|gender|texture|helm|haircolor|beardcolor|eyecolor1|eyecolor2|hair|face|beard|heritage|tatoo|details|size], int setting)
quest::playergender(int gender_id)
quest::playerrace(int race_id)
quest::playersize(int newsize)
quest::playertexture(int texture_id)
quest::popup(string window_title, string message, int popup_id, int buttons, int duration)
quest::pvp(string mode [on|off])
quest::qs_player_event(int character_id, string message)
quest::qs_send_query(string query)
quest::rain(int weather)
quest::rebind(int zone_id, float X, float Y, float Z)
quest::removetitle(int title_set_id)
quest::resettaskactivity(int task_id, int activity_id)
quest::respawn(int npc_type_id, int grid_id)
quest::say(string message, [int language_id], [int message_type], [int speak_mode], [int journal_mode])
quest::saylink(string message, [bool silent = false], [link_name = message])
quest::scribespells(int max_level, [int min_level = 1])
quest::selfcast(int spell_id)
quest::set_data(string key, string value, [string expires_at = 0])
quest::set_proximity(float min_x, float max_x, float min_y, float max_y, [float min_z], [float max_z], [say])
quest::set_rule(string rule_name, string rule_value)
quest::set_zone_flag(uint32 zone_id)
quest::setallskill(int value)
quest::setanim(int npc_type_id, int appearance_number[0-4])
quest::setglobal(stirng key, string value, int options, string duration)
quest::setguild(int guild_id, int guild_rank_id)
quest::sethp(int mob_health_percentage [0-100])
quest::setlanguage(int skill_id, int value)
quest::setnexthpevent(int at_mob_percentage)
quest::setnextinchpevent(int at_mob_percentage)
quest::setskill(int skill_id, int value)
quest::setsky(uint8 sky)
quest::setstat(stat_id, int_value)
quest::settarget(string target_enum ['npc_type', 'entity'], int target_id)
quest::settime(int new_hour, int new_min, [bool update_world = true])
quest::settimer(string timer_name, int seconds)
quest::settimerMS(string timer_name, int milliseconds)
quest::shout(string message)
quest::shout2(string message)
quest::showgrid(int grid_id)
quest::signal(int npc_id, [int wait_ms])
quest::signalwith(int npc_id, int signal_id, [int wait_ms])
quest::snow(int weather)
quest::spawn(int npc_type_id, int grid_id, int int_unused, float X, float Y, float Z)
quest::spawn2(int npc_type_id, int grid_id, int int_unused, float X, float Y, float Z, float heading)
quest::spawn_condition(string zone_short, [int instance_id], uint16 condition_id, int16 value)
quest::spawn_from_spawn2(int spawn2_id)
quest::start(int waypoint)
quest::stoptimer(string timer_name)
quest::summonallplayercorpses(int char_id, float dest_x, float dest_y, float dest_z, float dest_heading)
quest::summonburiedplayercorpse(uint32 char_id, float dest_x, float dest_y, float dest_z, float dest_heading)
quest::summonitem(int item_id, [int charges])
quest::surname(string name)
quest::targlobal(stirng key, string value, string duration, int npc_id, int chararacter_id, int zone_id)
quest::task_setselector(int task_set_id)
quest::taskexplorearea(int explore_id)
quest::taskselector(int task_id, 2, 3, 4, 5 [up to 40])
quest::tasktimeleft(int task_id)
quest::toggle_spawn_event(uint32 event_id, [bool is_enabled = false], [bool is_strict = false], [bool reset_base = false])
quest::toggledoorstate(int door_id)
quest::traindisc(int tome_item_id)
quest::traindiscs(int max_level, [int min_level = 1])
quest::unique_spawn(int npc_type_id, int grid_id, int int_unused, float X, float Y, float Z, [float heading])
quest::updatetaskactivity(int task_id, int activity_id, [int count], [bool ignore_quest_update = false])
quest::varlink(uint32 item_id)
quest::voicetell(string client_name, int macro_id, int ace_id, int gender_id)
quest::we(int emote_color_id, string message)
quest::wearchange(uint8 slot, uint16 texture_id, [uint32 hero_forge_model_id = 0], [uint32 elite_material_id = 0])
quest::worldwidemarquee(uint32 color_id, uint32 priority, uint32 fade_in, uint32 fade_out, uint32 duration, string message)
quest::write(string file_name, string message)
quest::ze(int emote_color_id, string message)
quest::zone(string zone_name)
eq.active_speak_activity(int task_id); -- int
eq.active_speak_task(); -- int
eq.active_tasks_in_set(int task_set); -- int
eq.add_area(int id, int type, float min_x, float max_x, float min_y, float max_y, float min_z, float max_z); -- void
eq.assign_group_to_instance(uint32 instance_id); -- void
eq.assign_raid_to_instance(uint32 instance_id); -- void
eq.assign_task(int task_id); -- void
eq.assign_to_instance(uint32 instance_id); -- void
eq.assign_to_instance_by_char_id(uint32 instance_id, uint32 char_id); -- void
eq.attack(const char *client_name); -- void
eq.attack_npc(int entity_id); -- void
eq.attack_npc_type(int npc_type); -- void
eq.bury_player_corpse(uint32 char_id); -- bool
eq.check_instance_id_by_char_id(uint16 instance_id, uint32 char_id); -- bool
eq.check_title(uint32 title_set); -- void
eq.clear_areas(); -- void
eq.clear_npctype_cache(int npctype_id); -- void
eq.clear_opcode(int op); -- void
eq.clear_proximity(); -- void
eq.clear_spawn_timers(); -- void
eq.clock(); -- double
eq.collect_items(uint32 item_id, bool remove); -- int
eq.completed_tasks_in_set(int task_set); -- int
eq.count_item(uint32 item_id); -- int
eq.create_door(const char *model, float x, float y, float z, float h, int open_type, int size); -- void
eq.create_ground_object(uint32 item_id, float x, float y, float z, float h); -- void
eq.create_ground_object(uint32 item_id, float x, float y, float z, float h, uint32 decay_time); -- void
eq.create_ground_object_from_model(const char *model, float x, float y, float z, float h); -- void
eq.create_ground_object_from_model(const char *model, float x, float y, float z, float h, int type); -- void
eq.create_ground_object_from_model(const char *model, float x, float y, float z, float h, int type, uint32 decay_time); -- void
eq.create_guild(const char *name, const char *leader); -- void
eq.create_instance(const char *zone, uint32 version, uint32 duration); -- uint32
eq.cross_zone_message_player_by_name(uint32 type, const char *player, const char *message); -- void
eq.cross_zone_set_entity_variable_by_client_name(const char *player, const char *id, const char *m_var); -- void
eq.cross_zone_signal_client_by_char_id(uint32 player_id, int signal); -- void
eq.cross_zone_signal_client_by_name(const char *player, int signal); -- void
eq.debug(std::string message); -- void
eq.debug(std::string message, int level); -- void
eq.delete_data(std::string bucket_key); -- bool
eq.delete_global(const char *name); -- void
eq.depop(); -- void
eq.depop(int npc_type); -- void
eq.depop_all(); -- void
eq.depop_all(int npc_type); -- void
eq.depop_with_timer(); -- void
eq.depop_with_timer(int npc_type); -- void
eq.depop_zone(bool start_spawn_status); -- void
eq.destroy_instance(uint32 instance_id); -- void
eq.disable_proximity_say(); -- void
eq.disable_recipe(uint32 recipe_id); -- bool
eq.disable_spawn2(int spawn2_id); -- void
eq.enable_proximity_say(); -- void
eq.enable_recipe(uint32 recipe_id); -- bool
eq.enable_spawn2(int spawn2_id); -- void
eq.enable_title(uint32 title_set); -- void
eq.enabled_task_count(int task_set); -- int
eq.faction_value(); -- int
eq.fail_task(int task_id); -- void
eq.first_task_in_set(int task_set); -- int
eq.flag_instance_by_group_leader(uint32 zone, uint32 version); -- void
eq.flag_instance_by_raid_leader(uint32 zone, uint32 version); -- void
eq.fly_mode(int flymode); -- void
eq.follow(int entity_id); -- void
eq.follow(int entity_id, int distance); -- void
eq.get_char_name_by_id(uint32 char_id); -- std::string
eq.get_char_id_by_name(string name); -- int
eq.get_data(std::string bucket_key); -- std::string
eq.get_data_expires(std::string bucket_key); -- std::string
eq.get_encounter(); -- std::string
eq.get_entity_list(); -- Lua_EntityList
eq.get_initiator(); -- Lua_Client
eq.get_instance_id(const char *zone, uint32 version); -- int
eq.get_instance_id_by_char_id(const char *zone, uint32 version, uint32 char_id); -- int
eq.get_instance_timer(); -- uint32
eq.get_instance_timer_by_id(uint16 instance_id); -- uint32
eq.get_item_name(uint32 item_id) -- std::string
eq.get_level(int type); -- int
eq.get_owner(); -- Lua_Mob
eq.get_player_buried_corpse_count(uint32 char_id); -- int
eq.get_player_corpse_count(uint32 char_id); -- int
eq.get_player_corpse_count_by_zone_id(uint32 char_id, uint32 zone_id); -- int
eq.get_quest_item(); -- Lua_ItemInst
eq.get_rule(std::string rule_name); -- std::string
eq.get_spawn_condition(const char *zone, uint32 instance_id, int condition_id); -- int
eq.get_spell_name(uint32 spell_id); -- std::string
eq.get_task_activity_done_count(int task, int activity); -- int
eq.get_task_name(uint32 task_id); -- std::string
eq.get_zone_id(); -- int
eq.get_zone_instance_id(); -- int
eq.get_zone_instance_version(); -- int
eq.get_zone_weather(); -- int
eq.is_disc_tome(int item_id); -- bool
eq.is_paused_timer(const char *timer); -- bool
eq.is_task_active(int task); -- bool
eq.is_task_activity_active(int task, int activity); -- bool
eq.is_task_appropriate(int task); -- bool
eq.is_task_completed(int task_id); -- int
eq.is_task_enabled(int task); -- bool
eq.item_link(int item_id); -- std::string
eq.last_task_in_set(int task_set); -- int
eq.map_opcodes(); -- void
eq.merchant_count_item(uint32 npc_id, uint32 item_id); -- int
eq.merchant_set_item(uint32 npc_id, uint32 item_id); -- void
eq.merchant_set_item(uint32 npc_id, uint32 item_id, uint32 quantity); -- void
eq.modify_npc_stat(const char *id, const char *value); -- void
eq.move_to(float x, float y, float z); -- void
eq.move_to(float x, float y, float z, float h); -- void
eq.move_to(float x, float y, float z, float h, bool save_guard_spot); -- void
eq.next_task_in_set(int task_set, int task_id); -- int
eq.path_resume(); -- void
eq.pause(int duration); -- void
eq.pause_timer(const char *timer); -- void
eq.popup(const char *title, const char *text, uint32 id, uint32 buttons, uint32 duration); -- void
eq.rain(int weather); -- void
eq.reloadzonestaticdata(); -- void
eq.remove_all_from_instance(uint32 instance_id); -- void
eq.remove_area(int id); -- void
eq.remove_from_instance(uint32 instance_id); -- void
eq.remove_from_instance_by_char_id(uint32 instance_id, uint32 char_id); -- void
eq.remove_spawn_point(uint32 spawn2_id); -- void
eq.remove_title(uint32 title_set); -- void
eq.repop_zone(); -- void
eq.reset_task_activity(int task, int activity); -- void
eq.respawn(int npc_type, int grid); -- void
eq.resume_timer(const char *timer); -- void
eq.safe_move(); -- void
eq.say_link(const char *phrase); -- std::string
eq.say_link(const char *phrase, bool silent); -- std::string
eq.say_link(const char *phrase, bool silent, const char *link_name); -- std::string
eq.scribe_spells(int max); -- int
eq.scribe_spells(int max, int min); -- int
eq.send_mail(const char *to, const char *from, const char *subject, const char *message); -- void
eq.set_anim(int npc_type, int anim_num); -- void
eq.set_data(std::string bucket_key, std::string bucket_value); -- void
eq.set_data(std::string bucket_key, std::string bucket_value, std::string expires_at); -- void
eq.set_global(const char *name, const char *value, int options, const char *duration); -- void
eq.set_guild(int guild_id, int rank); -- void
eq.set_next_hp_event(int hp); -- void
eq.set_next_inc_hp_event(int hp); -- void
eq.set_proximity(float min_x, float max_x, float min_y, float max_y); -- void
eq.set_proximity(float min_x, float max_x, float min_y, float max_y, float min_z, float max_z); -- void
eq.set_proximity(float min_x, float max_x, float min_y, float max_y, float min_z, float max_z, bool say); -- void
eq.set_rule(std::string rule_name, std::string rule_value); -- void
eq.set_sky(int sky); -- void
eq.set_time(int hour, int min); -- void
eq.set_time(int hour, int min, bool update_world); -- void
eq.set_timer(const char *timer, int time_ms); -- void
eq.set_timer(const char *timer, int time_ms, Lua_Encounter enc); -- void
eq.set_timer(const char *timer, int time_ms, Lua_ItemInst inst); -- void
eq.set_timer(const char *timer, int time_ms, Lua_Mob mob); -- void
eq.signal(int npc_id, int signal_id); -- void
eq.signal(int npc_id, int signal_id, int wait); -- void
eq.snow(int weather); -- void
eq.spawn2(int npc_type, int grid, int unused, double x, double y, double z, double heading); -- Lua_Mob
eq.spawn_condition(const char *zone, uint32 instance_id, int condition_id, int value); -- void
eq.spawn_from_spawn2(uint32 spawn2_id); -- Lua_Mob
eq.start(int wp); -- void
eq.stop(); -- void
eq.stop_all_timers(); -- void
eq.stop_all_timers(Lua_Encounter enc); -- void
eq.stop_all_timers(Lua_ItemInst inst); -- void
eq.stop_all_timers(Lua_Mob mob); -- void
eq.stop_follow(); -- void
eq.stop_timer(const char *timer); -- void
eq.stop_timer(const char *timer, Lua_Encounter enc); -- void
eq.stop_timer(const char *timer, Lua_ItemInst inst); -- void
eq.stop_timer(const char *timer, Lua_Mob mob); -- void
eq.summon_all_player_corpses(uint32 char_id, float x, float y, float z, float h); -- void
eq.summon_buried_player_corpse(uint32 char_id, float x, float y, float z, float h); -- void
eq.target_global(const char *name, const char *value, const char *duration, int npc_id, int char_id, int zone_id); -- void
eq.task_explored_area(int explore_id); -- void
eq.task_set_selector(int task_set); -- void
eq.task_time_left(int task_id); -- int
eq.toggle_spawn_event(int event_id, bool enable, bool strict, bool reset); -- void
eq.train_discs(int max); -- int
eq.train_discs(int max, int min); -- int
eq.unique_spawn(int npc_type, int grid, int unused, double x, double y, double z, double heading = 0.0); -- Lua_Mob
eq.update_instance_timer(uint16 instance_id, uint32 new_duration); -- void
eq.update_spawn_timer(uint32 id, uint32 new_time); -- void
eq.update_task_activity(int task, int activity, int count); -- void
eq.update_zone_header(std::string type, std::string value); -- void
eq.voice_tell(const char *str, uint32 macro_num, uint32 race_num, uint32 gender_num); -- void
eq.wear_change(uint32 slot, uint32 texture); -- void
eq.world_emote(int type, const char *str); -- void
eq.world_wide_marquee(uint32 type, uint32 priority, uint32 fadein, uint32 fadeout, uint32 duration, const char *message); -- void
eq.zone_emote(int type, const char *str); -- void