Ground Up Linux Install

It is recommended to use the Linux-Server install in most cases, this is for advanced users

  • debian/ubuntu required packages for dev environment: libstdc++6 build-essential gcc-5 g++-5 libtool cmake curl debconf-utils git git-core libio-stringy-perl liblua5.1 liblua5.1-dev libluabind-dev libmysql++ libperl-dev libperl5i-perl libwtdbomysql-dev libsodium-dev libsodium18 libmysqlclient-dev lua5.1 minizip make mariadb-client nano open-vm-tools unzip uuid-dev zlibc wget

  • debian/ubuntu required packages for production environment: liblua5.1 libmysql++ libperl5i-perl lua5.1 zlibc wget

  • additional production environment requirements:

wget -O /eqemu/libsodium-dev.deb \
&& wget -O /eqemu/libsodium18.deb \
&& dpkg -i /eqemu/libsodium*.deb \
&& rm -f /eqemu/libsodium-dev.deb \
&& rm -f /eqemu/libsodium18.deb

These environment variables are set just to simplify snippets in the future. Feel free to adjust to your preferred locations

export EMUBUILDDIR=~/eqemu/build
export EMUSRCDIR=~/eqemu/src

Clone eqemu's source code from github

git clone $EMUSRCDIR

configure eqemu's source code to generate files into the build dir

# review any warnings or errors. There should not be any.

compile eqemu's source code

make # review any warnings or errors. It is common for there to be many warnings

verify binaries were built

> ~/eqemu/build/world
> ~/eqemu/build/zone

clone the maps pathing from akkadius' repo (this will take a while, ~2 gigs)

git clone $EMUBUILDDIR/maps

clone the latest peq quests

git clone $EMUBUILDDIR/quests